Immersion Course - Surface pattern design course taught by the incredible Bonnie Christine.

Design Garden - My very first online course was the Design Garden Fundamentals class. It gave me the foundation to create great art and also taught me the techniques for getting hand drawn art on the computer and stylize it in illustrator. Highly recommend for anyone, especially those just starting out.

Skill Share - This is one of theses places you can learn a ton at a very affordable price. Whenever I have something I want to learn or a slight interest in a new technique I always check Skill Share first. Added bonus, the class is yours forever!

Software & Organizing

Drop Box - oh how I LOVE thee!  I keep everything synced and backed up between all of my computers with Drop Box. This simple desktop app takes care of everything and I never have to worry, my files are always where I need them! Sign up and try it for free!

Adobe Creative Cloud - I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Adobe Creative Cloud. I've been using Adobe products since 2003 and I do love their products the annual updates had become a very expensive headache. Creative Cloud takes care of that! A monthly subscription to all the newest and greatest software!

Web Hosting

SquareSpace - After years of running a self hosted Wordpress blog I decided had to make a change. In my effort to simplify I needed to make my life easier with a great store option and blog in one, SquareSpace was the answer!

Photograph & Card Printing

Millers Lab - I am so pleased to work with Millers Lab. They are some of the finest people in the industry and have very high standards. If you are a professional photographer please give them a try!

MPix Pro - Is another division of Millers Lab. Offering the same great products in different formats. Another great choice for professional photographers.

MPix - Are you a consumer wishing you could get the same quality prints and cards as the pros? Well you can! MPix is the consumer division of Millers Lab!


It is a tremendous privilege to work with some GREAT photographers! These wonderful photographers have contributed the images on my products. I value each of them and wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart for sharing their talents with me!