First, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your purchase of my Christmas card template sets! I hope that you find them fun to create and receive rave reviews when you send them to family and friends!  

I adore hearing from my customers, and would love it if you feel like sharing. Whether you want to share an image you created, want to give a little feedback or have a question or concern ... I’m all ears (and eyes)!

Hope you have a beautiful day and have fun creating your beautiful cards!

Step 1. Open the file

Use your favorite photo editing program and open the card you've decided to use. If you do not have a program that supports layers and transparent png files you can download Adobe Photoshop Elements free as a 30 day trial. 


Step 2. Add your photo 

Within your photo program you can "place" your card image into the file. If you are using Photoshop Elements go to file and select place. From there you can find the image on your computer and select it.

If you are having trouble you MIGHT be able to copy and paste the image into the card. I can not guarantee this method based on the number of programs available. 


Step 3. Adjust your photo

Adjust the size of your photo. If you are using Photoshop Elements make sure you select the constrain proportion box. To activate the re-size function just click on one of the corners.  

Step 4. Move the photo layer

Place your photo below the card design. This can usually be done by dragging the photo layer below the card design. 

This is a good time to add your family name to the card. Using the text tool and the font of your choice make the card personal! 

Step 5. Save the file as a jpg

You will need to save the file as a jpg for upload to your print lab of choice. I recommend  Envelopes are even included!

You can print this card as a 5x7 on standard photo paper or you can add your photos to the back of the card and upload it as a press printed card.