The Craft Cafe Brand Styling

The Craft Cafe Brand | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #branding #angiesandy #handlettering

I was contacted by Claire from Heart Handmade for help in creating a brand for a special feature on her blog called The Craft Cafe. She had a clear vision of what she wanted and loved the whimsical hand drawn feeling of many of my projects. Based on that I created a hand lathered logo, linking buttons, tiling backgrounds and a set of over 50 hand drawn clip art images. 

Claire was a dream to work with and I loved the chance to spread my wings on a branding projects, I haven't done one in such a long time. Thank you Claire for trusting me with your project! Look for the next The Craft Cafe feature on Friday!

9 Whimsical Script Fonts

9 Whimsical Script Fonts | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #fonts #scriptfonts #angiesandy

showcase | Rolling Pen | Emily Lime | Andria | Janda Cheerful Script 
Larou | Melany Lane | Business Penmanship | Ronita

I wanted to bring you another round of some of my favorite fonts. This collection is 9 lovely, thin script fonts. They work great in logos, card design or scrapbooking. I am partial to Showcase Script at the moment, I mean look at that L and t.

Do you have any favorite fonts at the moment? I'd love to see yours in the comments below!

Color Crush 4.28.2014

Color Crush 4.28.2014 - Angie Sandy #colorcrush #aqua

image used with permission from kate max photography

click here to download the ASE file 
ASE tutorial here  •  paint tutorial here

I am back after a break from doing color palettes and I am excited to introduce you to a new business, styled photos for creatives! Kate Maxwell has just introduced a lovely line of stock images you can purchase for your creative business, the image from todays color palette is available here.  If you use discount code "grandopening" and you will receive 50% off through April 30th. You can find her stock photos here on Etsy and I encourage you to like her Facebook page too!

Getting Rid of That Stuck Feeling

Stuck You're Not Welcome Here | Angie Sandy

I made a personal goal this year to live in joy. These past few weeks have been nothing but gut wrenching pain, feeling stuck and going nowhere fast. I am not a depressed person typically but I have been suffering in ways I never knew I could. In an attempt to rid myself of all that pain I am going to publicly display my personal manifesto from the beginning of 2014 and hopefully this will push me back on track. 

My 2014 Personal Manifesto

My name is Angie Sandy. I dream of being a joyful, loved, faith filled person and creating beauty fires me up. I believe in God, true love, good friends and teaching others.

This year I will make joy happen because I am tired of being disappointed and filled with regret. I will do this by living with a grateful heart and enjoying every day I am given. I will spend less time worrying about trivial things and more time creating, loving and smiling. 

I will surround myself with less drama and negativity and more joy and love. I will achieve this one day at a time. Everyday I will honor God, teach my kids honesty, have joy in my heart, and celebrate every accomplishment no matter the size. 

I will focus on what matters, which is God, my family and my creative business. I will remind myself I am worthy of love, forgiveness, true friendship, happiness and my own unique creative style that people do like!

I can and I will make JOY happen!

Have you had to re-visit any of your goals this year? I feel like a failure for having to do it so soon in the year but it is something I had to do today, I needed that reminder!



MATS Part B Week 3 - Scrapbooking

Angie Sandy #makeartthatsells scrapbook homework

Last week was a fun one in MATS. It actually started out rocky and I wasn't loving anything I was doing and then suddenly the switch flipped and I knocked out something I loved in a day! I went back to my roots, hand drawn and inked lines, and imported them into AI. From there I just worked to create a lovely half drop repeat and made all the icons work together. I love this market and hope to one day get work in this area!