Portfolio Project #1

Fox Birth Announcement #angiesandy #illustration #portfolioproject

I needed a goal for the month of October so I came up with this idea of a Portfolio Project. I will do my best to add a new portfolio piece each day of the work week in the month of October.  All that to say here is todays piece. A cute illustrated fox with hand lettering and a clean layout.

Now booking licensing and contract work for 2015! Please drop me an email and introduce yourself, I would love to work with you!

14 Summer Color Palettes

14 Bright Summer Color Palettes | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #angiesandy  #colorpalette #colorcrush

Summer is right around the corner and I can think of nothing more inviting then an inspiring bright cold palette. These 14 color palettes are inspired by all the things summer brings; swimming, fruity cocktails and last summer nights. 

click here to download this color palette in ase format for all your designing needs.  need help using it? find my ase tutorial here  and our  paint tutorial here.

14 Navy Blue Color Palettes

14 Navy Blue Color Palettes | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #angiesandy #colorpalettes #colorcrush #navy

Who doesn't love navy?! It is one of those staples you can incorporate almost daily. It works great for babies, high fashion and home decoration. Today I have paired up 14 different shades of navy blue with wonderful, fun color "friends". There is a great mix of palette styles here for just about any project!

Click here to download this color palette in ASE format for all your designing needs.  Need help using it? Find my ASE tutorial here  and our  paint tutorial here.

The Craft Cafe Brand Styling

The Craft Cafe Brand | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #branding #angiesandy #handlettering

I was contacted by Claire from Heart Handmade for help in creating a brand for a special feature on her blog called The Craft Cafe. She had a clear vision of what she wanted and loved the whimsical hand drawn feeling of many of my projects. Based on that I created a hand lathered logo, linking buttons, tiling backgrounds and a set of over 50 hand drawn clip art images. 

Claire was a dream to work with and I loved the chance to spread my wings on a branding projects, I haven't done one in such a long time. Thank you Claire for trusting me with your project! Look for the next The Craft Cafe feature on Friday!

9 Whimsical Script Fonts

9 Whimsical Script Fonts | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #fonts #scriptfonts #angiesandy

showcase | Rolling Pen | Emily Lime | Andria | Janda Cheerful Script 
Larou | Melany Lane | Business Penmanship | Ronita

I wanted to bring you another round of some of my favorite fonts. This collection is 9 lovely, thin script fonts. They work great in logos, card design or scrapbooking. I am partial to Showcase Script at the moment, I mean look at that L and t.

Do you have any favorite fonts at the moment? I'd love to see yours in the comments below!

MATS PART B Week 2 - Baby Apparel

Week 2 was my favorite theme so far and a market I see myself working in. Baby apparel was the market with a pirate theme. I went crazy sketching pages and pages of fun icons. From the beginning it started with an animal theme which I ended up using in my finished piece. I went with a soft palette in hopes it would target the girl side of the market. I'd love to know what you think!

MATS Part B Week 1 - Greeting Cards

I have been MIA for weeks on the blog and it isn't because I haven't been here working. In the past month I have finished a number of projects, a few I can't announce yet, but I am so thrilled to have worked with some great new clients and friends! So let me just say there is a lot going on behind the scenes. 

I also started part B of Make Art That Sells and I am dedicating time every week without fail to finish the projects. In part A last fall I had too much on my plate and had to let several of the projects just slide right by. I am not letting that happen this time around. 

Week one was all about the paper market, I have done a lot of work in the photo card industry so it was fun to approach it from more of a greeting card direction. The guidelines for the project were a gingerbread themed holiday card.

One thing I have learned in the past few projects I have been involved inis that I like to do the sketching and then translate that into an image on the computer. In the past I was really fond of making beautiful drawings and then inking them and using live trace to translate them on the computer.  On that note here is just one of my very rough, not very pretty sketches for the card for week one paper project in MATS.


After many changes and time spent perfecting the design this was the image I submitted which I am thrilled to say was selected by Lilla for review in the weekly roundup. I thought the design was very cute but I wasn't sold on all the blue in the background and that was the one thing Lilla said I could improve in the design so I have included the before and after of that below as well ( I am still not sold on it but had to move on to my pirates for last weeks homework). I'd love to hear from you if you have suggestions or thoughts as well!