9 Whimsical Script Fonts

9 Whimsical Script Fonts | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #fonts #scriptfonts #angiesandy

showcase | Rolling Pen | Emily Lime | Andria | Janda Cheerful Script 
Larou | Melany Lane | Business Penmanship | Ronita

I wanted to bring you another round of some of my favorite fonts. This collection is 9 lovely, thin script fonts. They work great in logos, card design or scrapbooking. I am partial to Showcase Script at the moment, I mean look at that L and t.

Do you have any favorite fonts at the moment? I'd love to see yours in the comments below!

13 Favorite Free Fonts 2013


Today I am finishing my 2013 posts with a look at my favorite free fonts. There is once again a mix of just about every type of font you can imagine, hopefully there is something new here for you to enjoy. Incase you missed it yesterday here are my favorite paid fonts for 2013.

Happy New Year everyone!

13 Favorite Paid Fonts of 2013

Favorite Fonts of 2013 | Angie Sandy Design + Illustration #fonts

We are days away from a brand new year! I love the feeling that a fresh start is upon us, a clean the slate if you know what I mean. I can't close out 2013 without a list of my favorite fonts (and some encouraging phrases for the new year). There is a great mix of fonts, casual and handmade to fancy calligraphy fonts.  Today's list is all paid fonts but don't worry, I will close out the year tomorrow with a list of my favorite free fonts too! 

Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite paid fonts are this year too!

9 Merry Fonts for Christmas

9 Merry Fonts for Christmas

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit? I sure am! I have used these in my own work and hope you enjoy them too, hopefully there are a few hidden gems here you didn't know about! There is a wonderful mix here of fancy script to simple, and handmade. One of them is sure to be perfect for almost any holiday project! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Font Love Cantoni + Free Printable

I love this quote and it has definitely been one I've turned to in my own hard times. I am constantly telling my kids you never know what God has in store for you, this is a virtue I want them to always consider.

I created a free 8x10 printable you can print or send to your favorite lab and have printed. It will look lovely in a frame, a great statement for your office or a special place in your home. You can download yours here.

Lately there have been a ton of great new calligraphy fonts brought to the market and Cantoni is another one of those. There are a ton of glyphs that come with this font (even the lovely swirl above) PLUS it's on sale right now! Head on over and support a new font designer, not to mention the beauty you will bring into your font collection! Buy Cantoni here.

Font Love - Icing

In the post from yesterday I shared some of the things giving me joy in my life right now along with a great quote and free printable. I am in love with all of the lettering by Great Lakes Lettering, have you seen the newest Amethyst? Icing is one of the fonts I've found myself using a fair amount lately. I love the imperfect feel and the tall skinny nature, it works for so many things! You can buy Icing here, I encourage you to support a great font foundry!

12 Classic Fonts You Need

12 Classic Fonts You Need

12 Classic Fonts You Need

Almost everyday you find a need for a classic font. A good 'ole stand by. One you can always count on. Here are 12 of my favorites and all of them are free! Leave me a comment letting me know some of your favorites!

Museo Slab // Mission Gothic // Edmond Sans // Gentium Basic // Quick Sand // Typo Slab Serif // Theano Didot // Playfair Display // Classic Round // Rokkitt // Questrial // Latin Modern Roman

Like the colors I used? You can find them in this color palette.

Have a great weekend - Angie

Fancy Fonts for the Fancy at Heart!


I will be the first to admit I have a love of fonts. I appreciate a great type artist just as much as the next gal but true calligraphy fonts hold an even bigger piece of my heart. These fonts are all purchase fonts but each is worth it's cost and I beg of you to support these wonderful artists!

1. Aya Script 2. Bombshell Pro 3. Carolyna Pro 4. Jacques & Gilles 5. Katie Rose 6. Madelinette 7. Peoni Pro 8. Petit Formal Script 9. Wishes Script

12 Great Handwritten Fonts

12 Handwritten Fonts | Angie Sandy Design + Illustration #fonts

Looking for a handwritten print font? Well here are a few really great choices I have grown to love! If you have any suggestions for the list please leave them in the comments so I can visit them too :)

12 Handwritten Print Fonts

Always * Forever // Dolce Caffe // Ride My Bike Pro // Reenie Beanie // Amatic SC // Hello I Like You // Frenchy // Sue Ellen Francisico // Sorbet // LD Elementary // Over the Rainbow // Patrick Hand