A Summer of Memories.

After a long, wonderful summer full of memories I am happy to say I am back working more regularly again. The girls started school this morning. For the first time in 13 years I don't have a child home. A strange, strange feeling. 

I know most people take trips and do fun, vacation things. Us... yeah not so much. Our summer was filled with sheep but I have to be honest we wouldn't have it any other way. Sure a trip to the beach or Disney would be a great thing and I have nothing against it, it just isn't something we do. I am so proud of the girls and the hard work and determination they have shown this year. I would like to think they are learning values that those fun trips just don't instill in them. 

We have had the pleasure of meeting some truly wonderful people purely because of the ag industry and 4H. There are a number of people we hold so near to our heart, roll models and adopted family that we will forever hold close to our hearts.

At the end of the day we have spent countless hours for memories that make us smile, laugh and even cry. There were some hard goodbyes this year, a few very special sheep that will hold big places in our hearts but we always have next year to look forward to. 

Here are just a few pictures from the summer. I hope yours was as memory filled as ours was!

Sandy-Fair-2014 (9 of 24).jpg

Lessons in Responsibility


We live a different life. Some people don't agree with it, others think we are just flat out crazy. You know what is great about our life? It works for us and it is how we want to raise our kids. For some kids their life lessons are learned through sports or activities at school. Our kids learn theirs through animals.

There is so much an animal can teach you. Responsibility. Perseverance. Faith. Trust. Love. Loss. Confidence. Success. Gratitude. Dreams. 

The past few days have been filled with all of these emotions and more. They attended their first national level show and both placed in at least one class, a huge accomplishment at this level! I am so proud of these girls and the challenges they've overcome, lessons learned and accomplishments made.

It isn't always easy to watch your children struggle through a hard situation but in the end they are better for each step they take. I can't wait to watch them evolve into better showmen this year and more importantly the wonderful adults they are growing into. Stock show life is the best and ag kids are some of the finest kids in the world. If you have the chance to get your family involved in raising livestock you should, you will be so grateful for the lessons learned!