MATS Week 2 Homework


Phew this week was a challenge for me. The subject matter was Bromeliads, a plant I've never heard of. We spent the first 2 days researching and drawing these lovely plants and then transformed them into a dining plate line. The subject of the week being Home Decor. I think I LOVE this market! Funny how you never think of something and then poof it is thrown upon you and you think you may have missed your calling in life.

A Glimpse Into the Design Work

Here is one of the sketches, inked and details added on a sheet of tracing paper. I had a hard time choosing my final images but this flower was one of my favorites and ended up being the centerpiece of the majority of the plates.


Making it Beautiful

After scanning the sketches I bring all of my them into Illustrator and get to work editing, coloring, and finalizing each piece. After numerous hours of work, fighting with myself over color and elements I ended up with these two completed color ways. Do you have a favorite? I really like the blue but decided to submit the coral for my weekly homework.