Flooding in Colorado

It has been a very long week here in Colorado. As sit here and type it is once again pouring down rain here in Loveland. I can't help but think about our friends along the rivers from Estes Park to Eastern Colorado. 

Although my home is dry we did have cows in a pasture along the Big Thompson river. Almost anyone familiar with this area has been to the wonderful Osborn Farms in Loveland to pick their fall pumpkins. We have kept cows there each summer for many years. The picture below was once our pasture, it is now part of the river. The river used to gently swing behind a road on the top part of the image, never entering the field.

The destruction to our community is unimaginable.

I know that my situation does not even compare to the hundreds of people in the area, many are still waiting to be evacuated or even rescued from the sides of the canyon. Yesterday I could see and hear the National Guard helicopters, it was reported they have rescued over 1200 people from the surrounding communities, the largest rescue since hurricane Katrina. 

If you are in the position to offer an help please do. We have years of recovery ahead in our communities. If you are in the position to help please do. To find out how you can help please visit here and if you are the praying type please keep everyone in your prayers.

Below are more images of the area our cows were in and a few other locations too.