Color Crush 11.9.2013


These color posts are turning into a journal of sorts, I hope you are ok with that :) but if you aren't you can grab your pretty palette below and move on... I totally understand!

What I don't understand is why people do mean things. It's sometimes just as bad when they say mean things and definitely stings when you see something done out of spite. There are people in my life I've had to spend less time with or totally eliminate from my life because they are phony, hurtful or only out for themselves. It has been freeing for my sole and made each day better. But then you run across something they've done or hear something they've said and it just bothers you, we are all human right?

I had to have this conversation with my older girls yesterday. Sister two was intentionally doing things to get under sister one's skin, sister one cries so sister two knows exactly what she is doing. I had to sit them down and explain this is not how we live and this is not how God wants us to treat each other.  

I refuse to live with a chip on my shoulder, I will forgive and forget. I am not perfect and neither are they. I will be full of joy just like this fun color palette. Have a great weekend!  

image used with permission from style me pretty

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