TypeFace Thursday · Essentials


Fontaholics unite! Do you suffer from this condition? Well unite with me and we will make a coalition! Yes, I admit it, right here in front of the world! I have too many fonts. People are always asking me what my favorite fonts are so I thought I would share a few but before I do I want to give you my thoughts on buying fonts. Fonts are the key to a great design, they can evoke emotion, give a sense of style and even convey your personality! Now you may be thinking why would I pay for fonts and I have to answer for you. You get what you pay for! Yep, you have heard it over and over but guess what it rings true here. Font designers are artists. If you are purchasing fonts from a reputable site such as My Fonts you are not only supporting an artist but also buying a legitimate good. You don't have to worry about "counterfeit" or stolen goods!

Essential Fonts

Century Gothic - The essential of all essentials!

Pupcat - is it a cat? a pup? nope it's a pupcat!

Hayseed - Haydiddle diddle ...

Chowderhead - New England? no thanks, none for me.

Dream Cake - Cake? I like cake, how about you?

Handy Writing Fonts

Jinxed - You're it!

Sunnydale - Sounds like a nice place!

Louisiana - I really don't have anything cleaver to say here....

Scriptish Fonts

Confection - Did someone say chocolate?

Imperial Script - One magnificent font!

Sweetheart Script - aww thanks your a sweetheart too!

Fancy-shmansy Fonts

Alpine Script - brrr it looks cold way up there!

She's All That - yes she is!!

Sadey Ann - I think she is pretty!