Reflection, Gratitude and a Whole Lot of Hustle

Wow! That is quiet a title isn't it!?!? As a new year begins and changes are being made I feel I owe each of you an explanation of where I am coming from. I can't begin to do that without looking back at 2012.


What started as a year chock full of worry and question ended with pure gratitude but there were so many struggles in between.

December 1, 2011 my husband lost his job. That is the ugly truth that started a snowball of good and bad changes over the course of the year.

At first we tried to take it all in stride but panic slowly set in and by January I was desperate for him to find work. An opportunity was presented to him in late January that would require HUGE changes in our life. As an oil field wife I am used to my husband being gone for extended periods of time but nothing like what was coming our way. In the 12 years we have been married there have been weeks where he hasn't been home for 2, 3, even 6 weeks at a time but never on a consistent basis. Well that was all changing with his new job.

We were quickly thrown into a new lifestyle, 1 week home 2 weeks gone. By March I was swimming in kids, house cleaning, cows, chores and business decisions …. My life could be described as pure chaos. I wasn't able to work the way I had grown accustomed to and had to make changes. At this point I saw a move to Millers Design Market as the only way to help put some peace (and hours) back into my life.


As we slowly became accustomed to the "new normal" and business shifted into a new direction I felt a sense of relief. I was presented with opportunities to design consumer cards for MPix and work on designs for Millers new Designer Plus software. Everyone I have had the pleasure of working with at Millers is top notch! I can not even begin to put into words how thankful I am for the opportunity to work with them and look forward to every email that presents another chance.

By mid year we were feeling better and began looking for our first home. Being in Colorado and knowing that we wanted to own a few acres we had never attempted a home purchase. We opted for the put money in the bank and buy the right home when you can option. 12 years down the road we were finally in that position and had employment stability again. We put an offer on a home in May that was a short sale. By the end of August we were closing on our dream property and our thankful hearts were singing.

Looking back I think moving everything away from my PCB was out of desperation. Something had to give in my life and the only thing that could budge was business. I had to be a wife. I had to be a mom. I had to run our home. Cows had to be fed. Show lambs had to be fed. House had to be cleaned. Business was the only sacrifice I could make.

The Hustle Part….

I see 2013 as a clean slate and with that clean slate I am ready to hustle. If there is one thing I am not afraid of it is hard work.

If you have been a past customer I hope that you understand where I was coming from and the reasons I had to make changes last year. If you are a new customer I can't wait to meet you!

I am prepared to work my tail off to bring you high quality products at an affordable price, unique designs that are on trend and will help you increase your profit margins. In return I just ask that you accept me for my flaws and understand the struggles I have faced over the past year (truthfully I think 2012 was full of struggles for many of us). If I can do anything to help you please don't hesitate to email me!

With all that said we are open for business again. Please be on the look out for lots of new products right here on Photo Card Boutique once again! We will also continue to work with Millers in the Design Market and any other venues they ask us too.

xoxo, Angie