Ready - Set - Organize! Free Desktop Organizer

Do things seem a little slow around here? I promise we are busy behind the scenes working on an amazing product line! We are honored to be working with the super cool and equally fantastic Drew Bittel on a fun project for her Mom*Tog anniversary! Today we have a fun little freebie to start the birthday excitement with the big revel on Monday!

Angie's Desktop Before

(Yes, Katie always gives me a hard time because of my black desktop... it's one of those weird Angie-isms)

Angie's After - Adorable and Organized!

You can download your free desktop wallpaper organizer here.

Mac Installation Directions

  • Click the apple in your upper left hand corner
  • Select "System Preferences"
  • Click desktop and screensaver
  • Select the location you saved the file in the left hand menu and click on the file name.
  • Select “fit to screen” and set the background color to white.

Here are instructions for PC. I believe you’ll also want to change it to “fit to screen” and change background to white. Make sure you come back again tomorrow for our next freebie and don't miss out on the new, fabulous, product on Monday!