Organize Your Life With the Day Designer by Whitney English

Whitney English the Day Designer

Each morning I begin my day with a list of things to-do. I used to just jot notes down on a plain piece of paper and "wing it" through my day. I purchased the Day Designer by Whitney English at the end of 2012 and vowed to use it beginning January 1, 2013. This is one promise I have made and kept this year!

What the Day Designer Will Do

Not only is it handy to have sitting on your desk but it is so easy to use! The beginning of the book is setup so you can write down ideas and goals over the course of the entire year! There are areas to explore personal values, your passions and skills and even brain storm new BIG ideas! You can check out a guided path through the beginning of the book right here on Whitney's blog. There are monthly overview pages, that coupled with the daily page will surely set the stage to a new, organized you!

For me it is the little things that help keep me sane and I would be lost without my Day Designer!

Not only do I love my Day Designer but I also admire Whitney English! She is one of the most inspiring business women I have had the pleasure of speaking with! Last fall I did an Authenticate session with her. It was one of the most inspiring chats I have had in regards to my business and I can't wait to follow up with her again!

Get Your Own Day Designer

We are lucky enough to have a Day Designer up for grabs in our 10,000 fan giveawayso make sure you enter to win one  BUT if you are like me and can't wait to start organizing your day you can purchase one right now in her Etsy store today!

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