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Free Printable quote for Mothers day.

Happy Mother's Day - An Edison Quote Printable

My kids had the book fair at school this past week. They had asked me for money and I told them they needed to use their own money this time, hoping it would place more of a value on the things they decided to buy. I told them they each could spend $10 of their money on a book or two but no more. Nothing more was said all week and I thought they had either forgotten or weren't really thrilled with the thought of spending the money they had worked hard for.

Fast forward to Friday when they get in the car after school, it took them an extra 20 minutes to get out of school so I knew exactly where they were. My oldest pulls out a book she bought for our youngest daughter Olivia, I was very impressed she choose to spend some money on her little sister. A few minutes later she reaches in and pulls out a book for me. A Mother's Day book full of quotes and beautiful images.

Click here to download your free 8x10 copy for your own personal use. If you want to have it professionally printed I recommend I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and enjoy the printable, it looks lovely in a white frame!

xoxo - Angie

There are two versions included. Fonts used are Carolyna Pro, Love PotionJacques & Gilles and Little Miss Sunshine Filled.