Keri Meyers Photography Actions + Coupon

Keri Meyers Actions

We all meet people in our life that make a difference. Some on a personal level, some spiritually and some just inspire you to be better. Keri Meyers was one of those people for me. She is one of the most sought after newborn photographers in the country and captures precious babies in their new moments with so much style. People come to her or fly her all over the country just to learn her techniques in countless workshops and mentoring sessions every year.

Simply Clean Template Collaboration

I have been blessed to collaborate with her on a template line. The Simply Clean Template line has been wildly popular among her photographer peers due in part to her timeless, classic style. We are always expanding the line to include new products and have another round of templates coming in the near future! Pictured below are template 1 and 3.

Simply CLean Photographer Templates

Post Processing Like Keri

If you want to present your images like Keri you can! Keri has a created a set of actions to assist you with your post processing. Yep, her COMPLETE workflow wrapped up in a few easy to use actions! Keri uses her Color Pop action on EVERY photo she processes and now you can use it too. Her favorite action for processing newborn work is her Soft & Creamy action. This action will brighten newborn skin and give it that soft and creamy look. Please note this is NOT a skin smoothing action.

Other actions include Keri's Classic Black & White, Sweet Tea and Sweet Sugar. The B&W action is soft and works great on indoor and outdoor photos. Keri always runs the Color Pop Action before running the Classic B&W action to get the best results. Sweet Tea will give your images a warm golden feel like you are sipping on sweet summer tea. Looking to add a sweet, soft hazy look to your images? Then Sweet Sugar is for you!

All of her actions and our template line are available in her store. She has also generously donated a complete set of actions in our 10,000 fan giveaway going on right now! If you can't wait to see if you win the giveaway you can use a special coupon code for an exclusive 15% discount at check out. The coupon code is PCB15, valid through the duration of the giveaway!

For even more inspiration check out her blog. She is also on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!