Giveaway - Tara Staton Captivate Workshop Book - Value $269


To start off this birthday week we have a fantastic giveaway for you from Tara Staton! Before I begin I wanted to congratulate her on the birth of her son baby Riley last week! Check him out over on her Facebook page, isn't he a handsome little man!

A Workshop Book That Will Change You

Do you love Tara Staton's style? Perhaps you stalk her blog (shhh don't tell her I do that). Maybe you want to attend her workshop but boo-hoo she isn't doing any again until 2012 (insert sad puppy dog eyes here) .... Well you are in luck! She is an open book. I mean literally an open workbook!

Had I known my purchase on March 6 was going to change me in so many ways I would have done it sooner! I am not a professional photographer, heck I am not even semi-professional. What I am is always learning, always growing and always aspiring to maybe someday be at a pro level and actually turn it into a business. BUT this book isn't just for the beginner aspiring like me, it is for the person in business too.

What's Covered?

The Workshop Book covers all of the basics; making yourself legal, respecting others work, getting to know your gear etc. Then it digs into the good stuff like exposure and metering coupled with Tara's own images showing you where she metered and what she does for different skin tones. Yeah I am saying she gives away her secrets... all the juicy little bits.

Then it's onto focus and what she does to nail that focus for e-v-e-r-y single shot. That coupled with even more images in different scenarios showing you where she focused to accomplish the shot. There are pages and pages of information on light and composition, portfolio building, finding inspiration and just being yourself (I think we all forget about that from time to time).

My favorite parts would have to be her post processing section, engaging the client and her amazing image guide at the end.  The image guide however takes the cake. I mean it is the crème de la crème of this book.

This image guide isn't just a bunch of images on each page, oh heck no! It is  one image per page and Tara proceeds to dissect it telling you all the little details. Everything from her camera settings to the lighting situation. Then she provides you with a little image showing you where the subject was positioned, where the light was coming from, where the camera was and any flash if she used it.


Want to win a copy?

We are giving away one copy worth $269 to one random winner, contest runs from April 11, 2001 to midnight April 15, 2011. The winner will be announced Saturday April 16th. Make sure that you leave one comment below for each entry.

How to enter:

  • Be a fan of both Photo Card BoutiqueandTara Staton on Facebook. Feel free to leave a little wall love too!
  • Tell your friends about the contest on Facebook your page, you can @ us in the message too :)
  • Write a blog post about the contest and leave a comment with the link.
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  • Post about the contest on your favorite communities and forums.

But it doesn't end there! Tara has offered a very generous discount to PCB readers! If you use coupon code PCB30 you will receive a 30% discount on purchase of The Workshop Book! That is a HUGE savings!!

Good luck everyone!