Clickin Moms Group Buy - Do you want in? Well of course you do!

The other day I posted on Facebook about Clickin Moms trying to get enough people together for a 40% off group buy on lifetime memberships. Well it happened and let me tell you I am excited! You see my membership expired March 31 and I have been trying to finagle my way into a renewal without any objections from my better half... well now he can't object plus it's my birthday on Tuesday so it's a win win for him!

What is Clickin Moms?

It is only one of the most supportive communities on the web. You can be the most outgoing person in the world or you can be a lurker for months like me and you will still learn more then you ever expected. They cover everything from critiques to product reviews to tutorials. They even have workshops and discounts from some of the best vendors. Lifetime members even have a few bonuses such as early workshop sign up, exclusive contests and other discounts too.

I joined two years ago and it is killing me not getting my fix but I can renew and lucky for you, you can join as a lifetime member and never have to go without! Trust me you will save money in the long run and you will thank me later for singing my praises about Kendra and the rest of her team.

Join Before April 15, 2011 & Save 40%

But wait, you need the coupon code to save 40% on your lifetime membership. The code is: GROUPBUY and is only valid until April 15th so hurry over and snag yours today! Click here to sign up today!