A Day in The Life of Angie


Nikon D7000 - 50mm SS 1/2000 · ISO 200 · f 1.8

A little glimpse into my life!

Kids & cows are just a small piece of the puzzle!

Every day we get up bright and early and get ready for school. School for us isn't down the block or even down the street. It includes a 30 minute car ride down the interstate to the neighboring town where I often joke "tuck and roll" to the oldest girls. At that point we depart for the feedlot to do our chores. This includes feeding the 4H steers, heifers & lambs. We have completed calving so we always do a walk around to see all the calves and check to see if any cows are in heat (we are going to A.I. all our cows this year).

One of our cows is "trained" (yeah you read that right trained - meaning food = happiness = I am coming in)  to come into the corral for grain. She is our old girl and we want to keep her looking good and making babies so she gets a little spoiled around these parts :) This morning I snapped the image above of Olivia watching over the process, calling her into the corral "here boss". Then I climb over the fence, dump the grain and give her a nice scratch on the back. And here is one last one of her, probably scheming up something ornery to do!

I would love seeing what you  are up to in your life, feel free to leave your blog in the comments below.

A Day in Life

Nikon D7000 - 50mm SS 1/3200 · ISO 200 · f2.5