6 days to GREAT writing that sells


Well if it isn't obvious I really struggle with my writing. After 10 years of owning an online business I have come to realize my writing has really suffered. I needed some major help! When you have run a business for an extended amount of time I think you begin to read things into your writing that others don't see, a sort of reading between the lines that just isn't there. This is where Kristen from the Brand Camp Blog came into my life. I have been following her blog for several months, not only is she an awesome writer but she is also a wildly popular and inspiring photographer. I only throw this in there because I truly believe learning from a person in your own industry is a huge benefit, they teach you information that is truly beneficial to you and your target market.

Before I go any further let me do a little disclaimer here and say this  is not a paid review, no affiliate links are included and I did purchase  this product with my own hard earned cash. I only do reviews on  products I truly believe in and this is one of those that has changed  the way I think about my business and write.

The Circus has Arrived

Do you struggle when it comes to writing about yourself? Maybe you have a hard time outlining your goals for a page or product? Circus Circus is a FUN (yeah read that again I did say FUN) tool to guide you in writing effective copy for your business.

Circus Circus covers everything from your business manifesto to your bio. Even creating sale worthy products and business tag lines. These are just a few areas covered, there is even more I didn't mention  (pssst like blog writing tips). Her style is fun, informative and whimsical... I guarantee you will find yourself laughing! Small exercises are outlined in the book that guide you in creating effective, engaging content.

On a Personal Note

If you have followed me over the past few months you've noticed I have struggled with my own personal depression. I have to say reading this book and doing the exercises made me feel a renewed vigor for not only my business but also my life. I think outlining those unique qualities that make me - ME really have helped. Circus Circus helped pull me out of a rut and I can not thank Kristen enough! I am not finished with the journey, I have many products and pages to continue these practices on but I am S-U-R-E I will complete the journey and this style of writing will soon become first nature for me.

Get on the tight rope

Go ahead and take the time to improve your business, this is some of the best money you will ever spend! If you have doubts go download the first chapter for FREE (located at the bottom of the page)!

P.S. Make sure you click on Kristen's picture and give her a virtual hug, there is a 10% coupon hidden on the page!