Being Fully Present

Be FULLY present!

This can mean so many things and be interpreted in so many ways. I am participating in a class right now, I consider it more of a re-working of my life, called Design Life Project.  One thing that has evaded me for a long time is the feeling of peace and accomplishment at the end of each day. 

There aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. Never has been. Never will be. This is something I've come to realize, it's one of those things you learn with age I think. I decided this class was a must because I NEED more balance. This year has been full of new challenges with the addition of homeschool to our life. Before there were days dinner didn't get cooked or laundry didn't get done but I was finding myself with even more hurdles, hurdles I felt were swallowing me whole. 

One thing that Cathy said last week was we need to be FULLY present in everything you do. Oh boy did that one resonate with me. It hit home so hard it was instantly made into a sticky note and stuck on the 'ole computer. I quickly scribbled it in my Day Designer and put one in my phone too. A common theme among a few of my favorite bloggers in recent weeks has been finding white space and I think it fits along perfectly with being fully present. 

Life is flying by, the kids are growing and changing so fast and I feel like everything I do lately is done with half my heart and not by choice. I want to cherish everything that happens in my life with a full heart and open eyes. I want to run my business with 100% of my attention and feel the joy it brings me. I want to make time in life for my hobbies. I really made a conscious effort this past weekend to put the phone down. No email, no Facebook, no Instagram. I just enjoyed my life for the first time in a long time, too long. Sure I missed my homework deadline for MATS this past week but I am OK with that. I was FULLY present.

Do you struggle with the balance of life and work? How do you handle everything you have to do?