Always Learning. 4 "Schools" For a Creatives Heart


Part of my mission this year has been to expand what I knew and understood about Illustrator and grow my business sense. I have taken numerous classes since last March and I have learned something new from every single one of them. I am not about keeping secrets, because as I said yesterday in this post we are all unique! My work might not be your style but it will sing to someone else!  With that said I thought I would share with you a few of the places I have gone to learn.

Skill Share

My first recommendation to anyone is  Skill Share. I love Skill Share! It is affordable. The classes usually are quick and the big bonus is you have life time access to almost everything you take there. Until you've taken a few online classes you don't realize what a big deal that is. If you can think of the topic they probably have a class for it not to mention it is a great step into the world of online learning.

Nicole's Classes

I started at Nicole's Classes in March and I've taken all of the Illustrator classes and been nothing more then happy. Alma is an amazing teacher and very thorough. You will learn valuable short cuts, countless tips and tricks. The classes are reasonably priced and worth every single penny!

Design Garden

I took the Design Garden class last spring as well. This class is a little more expensive but a great class nonetheless. Sabina teaches you everything from research to color and how to get your hand drawn work into vectors. This was an extensive 6 week class with home work due each week. I learned so much in this class and it has allowed me to further define my style.

Making Art The Sells

Yesterday was my first day in what is affectionately know in the industry as MATS. I want to continue learning and evolving my style and Lila's class seemed like the best next step! I will be posting some of my work and process on my Instagram feed if you want to keep up. This is just another step in my learning, defining my own unique style and growing as an individual.

Have you taken any online classes? Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorites are or something you would like to learn!