Be Your Own Unique Self.


I was catching up on my blogs this evening when I came across this post from Sarah Jane Studios. In it she talks a little about her inspiring journey and I can't help but reflect on the past and be reminded that there are bigger, better things ahead for me.

The past 9 months have felt like constant change. Struggle. Pain. Stress. Heartbreak. I am going to be totally honest and tell you selling photographer templates has changed significantly in the past few years. What used to fill me with joy and be an easy task became a tedious, heart wrenching struggle from one day to the next. From relationships that weren't what I thought they were to constant market changes it just became overwhelming.

During the summer I spent time exploring my heart and authenticating my brand. I've "cleaned house" in more ways then you will ever know. I've freed myself from what others are doing. I've dug deep and had total faith it would all work out and today I have proof it will.

As I sit here and type tonight I prepare to sign my first contract. Yes, I am about to embark on my very first contract job. A job that found me.

Becoming totally honest with myself and designing what makes me happy feels good in my soul and is working for me financially. It has been affirmed that doing what I love - in a way I love - it really does pay off and people will still want my work. We are all unique and my unique self is shining through.

As a creative it isn't always easy to find your true inner voice and that inner voice is so often changing. My one piece of advice to you is to listen to that little voice and be your own, unique self. Whether you are a photographer, designer or someone lusting after a creative life just listen to your heart. Stop worrying about what other people are doing. Don't even wonder what they are thinking. There is always more then one way to do something and your way is what is right in your life!

Free Photographers Workflow Checklist!

Free photographers workflow checklist + BONUS Millers Lab tear off notebook template!

Free photographers workflow checklist + BONUS Millers Lab tear off notebook template!

How's your workflow?

Maybe it is in need of a little organization? I've got the perfect freebie for you today! A complete client workflow, a perfect match for our 3 brand new marketing sets created in conjunction with Erin Cobb! The workflow checklist works on the Millers Lab 5x8 tear off notepads, the cover is even customizable! This little gem covers all your basis and the notepad makes it so convenient to tear off and staple one to each client folder! Click here to download your checklist!

Don't miss out on Erin's original Clean Color videos, she is retiring them, and they are DEEPLY discounted until June 14... hurry over and snag yours if you don't have it already! This would be the perfect addition to your editing step in the workflow above!

Free photographers workflow checklist + BONUS Millers Lab tear off notebook template!

Free photographers workflow checklist + BONUS Millers Lab tear off notebook template!

How to use an ASE color palette

How to use an ASE color palette.

How to use an ASE color palette.

Installing a Color Palette

Our new color palettes also feature a convenient swatch download compatible with Adobe products. These are a free tool I have added to the posts for you to make using the color swatches easier. They are compatible with Adobe graphic design programs and once you try them you will be hooked!

  1. Download the zip file from the color palette you've selected. Simply click the link in the post you want to use and save it to your computer. If you are having trouble right click the link and select save as.
  2. Unzip the file on your computer, your computer may do this for you.
  3. Once the file is unzipped drag the .ase file directly into the Adobe program you want to use it in, simple as that! or An alternate method of opening the swatch in Photoshop or AI is through the swatches tool box. Once you are in the swatches click the menu in the upper right hand corner and select load swatches.

How are you going to use the color palettes? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know!

Mini Session Checklist for Client!

Mini Session Checklist for Client!

Help your clients prepare!

Last week we featured a free download for you to plan your mini sessions, if you missed it you can find it here. Today I am adding the second half of the equation.... the client checklist! Help your clients plan for their mini session with this great little reminder list. The download includes an unbranded version you can add your own info too! Click here to download it. Learn all about the mini session marketing sets here, intro pricing expires soon! Full marketing sets are coming soon (and boy am I excited about how they are looking)!

Do you have anything to add to the checklist?

Mini Session Marketing Sets

Grandparents Mini Session Marketing Sets

Mini session marketing sets - What's this all about?

How many hours have you spent planning a mini session? Have you never done a mini session because the thought of marketing it sends you into a tailspin? Do you feel like it is just too overwhelming to put ALL the pieces together... Have no fear, we've got you covered!

Last week I completed the first phase of the amazing project I have been working on with Erin Cobb. Our first project has been in development for a few months, mini session marketing sets, the first of many projects we will be doing together.

Our goal was to put useful tools in your hands so you can successfully market your business and create a lifelong, loyal following among your clients. These sets are well designed, complete marketing sets in one package. You no longer have to settle for a mish-mash of marketing pieces thrown together to create the end goal you are looking for, not to mention the hours it takes to build this type of session!

Erin and I have combined her marketing skills with my graphic design skills to create a profit generating mini session just for you! Everything is included from pre-session planning to after the session order delivery.

The first three designs are dedicated to family, the ties that bind us. Think outside the box here. Mommy & Me sessions don't have to be done just before Mother's day. Do you know a mom or dad who wouldn't want images with their child anytime of the year? Grandparent session are one of the most untapped markets out there! Every grandparent wants special images with their grand babies. Start marketing to this group, you won't regret it!

Don't miss our mini session planning checklist here!

What's Included in the sets?

As I mentioned above we have thought of everything for these sets. There are 23 files in each set! Erin has provided wording for each information piece PLUS a PDF set of all her email communication templates are included. Here is a full list of these enormous sets:


  • Promo Image – Large web image with wording. Works great for Facebook promotion, email marketing, blogging and more!
  • Blog Button – Perfect for your sidebar driving your visitors to schedule their mini session!
  • Email Header & Footer – Create that cohesive, memorable look even in your client emails!
  • 5×7 Promo Image – A 300 DPI file for you to use with your printer! Add a postcard layout to the back and you have instant postal mail marketing!
  • Mini Session Information – Large web image with all of the details and wording about your mini session.
  • Mini Session Policies – Large web image with your policies and procedures wording.
  • Mini Session Pricing Guide – Large web image with sample pricing model, easily changed for your needs.
  • Matching Studio Timeline – Perfect for promoting the mini sessions to every visitor on your Facebook page!


  • Post Session Planning – Large image with post session directions.
  • 5×7 Flat Thank You Card – 300 DPI for printing with your favorite lab.
  • 5×5 Hang Tag – Print with your favorite lab and hang on your clients products!
  • Millers Lab Luxe CD Case & CD Label – Includes a customizable print release inside your CD case!
  • Millers Lab 3×3 Mini Accordion – Perfect gift for your clients, keep them coming back year after year!
  • Client Facebook Timeline – Surprise them with a customized Facebook timeline as a perfect gift!

Free - Photographers Mini Session Checklist

Free - Photographers Mini Session Checklist

Free Mini Session Checklist Download

One of my favorite parts of my business is working with photographers to create useful products. I have been in the process of collaborating with Erin Cobb for a few months. We have just launched a brand new line of mini session marketing sets (complete with the wording too)! I thought a freebie checklist to help you in your planning was also an essential for successful marketing! We aren't finished yet, watch for more marketing gems from us in the near future!

Click here to download your freebie!

14 Photoshop Shortcuts - Work More Efficiently!

14 Photoshop Shortcuts - Work More Efficiently!

Work More Efficiently in Photoshop!

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the easiest ways you can speed up your workflow. With just a little repetition they become locked in your memory and soon become a habit you can't work without! Click here to download a printable version for use at home!

Do you have a favorite shortcut? I would love to hear what yours are, leave it in the comments!

xoxo - Angie

Designer Resource - Creative Market

Creative Market - Designer Resources

As a designer there are times I need a short cut. Anything I create to sell is generally made from my own creative work however there are times in my marketing pieces and promotional graphics that I need something fast and look to an outside resource. It can be hard to find quality graphics especially as much as the internet has grown and sometimes you might not know where to start. This is where Creative Market comes in!


Creative Market is a huge catalog of talented designers coming together to sell in one place! You will find everything here from fonts to illustrations and just about everything in between. The vintage florals above and sprout serif are just a few of my favorite items I have found while browsing the site (click the image and support a fellow creative)!

Sprout Serif Font

It is nice to have a site you can confidently go to and know you are buying resources from dedicated designers who stand behind their products and offer quality as a top priority. If you haven't visited I urge you to pay them a visit! Don't miss their free goods too!! Click here to visit Creative Market.

Re-Purposed Senior Card


Yesterday I received an email from Nicole Cook, one of the wonderful photographers I work with. If you haven't checked out her work please do, she is an exceptional talent!

She had one of the senior announcement templates into a promo card and wanted to show me. The design she used was the Amber 5x7 card and I think it turned out wonderfully!

This is a great example of how you can use a card template as a promo image on Facebook, your blog or mailing list in addition to it's normal print use. If you use a template in a non-traditional use I would love to hear from you! Please email me anytime and I can feature you too!