6 Useful Tools From My Personal Sanity System


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As life becomes more hectic, the holidays draw nearer and my busy season is upon me I thought a post about what I use in my creatives sanity war chest was in order. AKA the things I use to keep me organized and on track. I think most creatives are open to new ideas and love reading about what others do to keep the sanity.

  1. I start and end every single day with my Day Designer. I would be lost without it. This may sound a bit silly to you but laying my day out in an organized fashion creates a purpose driven day for me. Sure, there are days that do deviate from the tasks I have set out to conquer but just having things written down, in front of me helps me accomplish the things I need to get done. I love it so much I already have the gold 2014 version on order!

  2. If you haven't tried DropBox you are missing out. Without DropBox I would be constantly syncing files between external drives and facing email delivery issues. DB allows me to have all of my files at my finger tips on every device. I am talking both iMacs, iPads, iPhone and my website too! I can easily share files with numerous clients, deliver large files, collaborate, and make sure the file is synced and I am working on the most current version.

  3. When it is time to work on a new project my go to "visual organizer" is iceber.gs. Once upon a time I organize things on secret Pinterest boards but I recently made them all public (a topic for another day) and have transitioned to Iceber.gs. I love that I can upload text documents right to my account and brain storm away in there. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a project come to life right before your eyes. I also have the ability to share my inspiration boards with a client when I am working on a project for an individual.

  4. Keeping up with email has never been easier for me. I've tried everything under the sun and my go to favorite system is the Airmail app.  I LOVE this program. I can quickly see where I am at with their minimalist design which includes a lovely color labeling system, being a creative I love color. Highlight important tasks. Transfer email to other folders for later reference, tag items and it even supports gestures on your magic mouse just like the iPhone! This has been the biggest improvement in my business management in the past 6 months, it has made a world of difference.

  5. Personal growth and learning is one thing I strongly believe in. I have made it my mission to take a class every month this year, I posted about some of them here last week. In addition to the education side of things I have put my business and goals under a microscope this year. I've consulted with Whitney English a few times this year about my authenticity and I am thrilled to have someone on my team who can help guide me through some of these decisions without rose colored glasses and help me see both sides of the coin.

  6. Finally drawing, writing in my journal and reading are a integral part of me. I choose to do one of these every day. It is how I grow, cultivate ideas, and develop as a creative. Sometimes it is a quick drawing or a note about something I want to create. Other days it might be a deep thought or a good book I dive into. 

What do you do to stay organized as a creative? I'd love to hear some of your tools and thoughts in the comments!