7 of My Personal Goals in 2014


I am on a mission this year to live my life with intention. I think the only way to start that is to share with you some of these goals in hopes that I am more successful in accomplishing them. 

  • Grow and learn with full attention. I have really tried to expand my skills this past year and in being totally honest I have to say some of the classes I took I didn't fully benefit from. Often times I had too much on plate and just couldn't dedicate myself and my whole heart to what I was trying to learn. I have several classes already lined up for this new year and I am going to give them a 110% and learn as much from each as I possibly can!
  • Defining what I want to do. I have always had big dreams and goals, sometimes they exceed expectations and sometimes they fall flat. I really want to hone in on the things that actually make my heart sing and bring me joy. I will admit this is something I am still trying to define but with the help of Authenticate I know 2014 will be a great year for me!
  • Surround myself with positive, inspiring people. I struggle to stay upbeat and feel inspired when I am around negative people. 2013 was a year of change for me. I freed myself from a few toxic relationships and started to feel my demeanor improve. This was hard for me and I lost a friend along the way but the overall benefit to my life has been immeasurable. I have to focus on the good that comes from surrounding myself with positive people and make sure I focus on what really matters. Hopefully it fosters some new friendships along the way!
  • Be fully present in my life. This has been something I have tried to practice this fall and did manage some improvements but I want to continue doing better. One major step was removing or turning off social media on my phone. You won't believe what a difference this can make, you should give it a try yourself! 
  • Find a church home for our family. We have struggled to find a church that we feel fits our family. I long for that foundation for my kids and must make this a top priority this year. 
  • Read a book a month. This is so hard for me. I have a bookshelf oozing with great books that I am yet to tackle because I never make time for them. I am going to start with a small goal of a book a month and hope I can turn that into a much larger number over the course of the year. 
  • Find time for my hobbies, I used to spend hours each day outside with my horses. Now I am lucky if I make it out there for 5 minuets every couple of days. 

Do you have any goals for the new year? How are you staying accountable to yourself?