Portfolio Project #2

Portfolio Project | Stock Show Hand Lettered Phrases #stockshowlife #angiesandy #handlettering #photofyapp #photofy

For my portfolio project today I am featuring my brand new, hand lettered stock show phrases for Photofy App. I just released these this morning and I just love how they turned out. Hand lettering has been a challenge for me but I feel like I am starting to really like my style. 

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Portfolio Project #1

Fox Birth Announcement #angiesandy #illustration #portfolioproject

I needed a goal for the month of October so I came up with this idea of a Portfolio Project. I will do my best to add a new portfolio piece each day of the work week in the month of October.  All that to say here is todays piece. A cute illustrated fox with hand lettering and a clean layout.

Now booking licensing and contract work for 2015! Please drop me an email and introduce yourself, I would love to work with you!

2014 Pantone Colors of Fall

Pantone Colors of Fall 2014 #angiesandy #pantone #colorpalette

Fall is within arms reach, evident by the crisp mornings we are having here in Colorado. This time of year I am eager for the cooler days. I just love the rich tones you see in nature with the changing of the seasons. I am in love with that royal blue, I guess that goes along with my urge to grab navy blue on almost every occasion I can! I'd love to hear what your favorite colors are, feel free to leave me a comment.  You can download the ASE file here with each of the colors in it.

A Summer of Memories.

After a long, wonderful summer full of memories I am happy to say I am back working more regularly again. The girls started school this morning. For the first time in 13 years I don't have a child home. A strange, strange feeling. 

I know most people take trips and do fun, vacation things. Us... yeah not so much. Our summer was filled with sheep but I have to be honest we wouldn't have it any other way. Sure a trip to the beach or Disney would be a great thing and I have nothing against it, it just isn't something we do. I am so proud of the girls and the hard work and determination they have shown this year. I would like to think they are learning values that those fun trips just don't instill in them. 

We have had the pleasure of meeting some truly wonderful people purely because of the ag industry and 4H. There are a number of people we hold so near to our heart, roll models and adopted family that we will forever hold close to our hearts.

At the end of the day we have spent countless hours for memories that make us smile, laugh and even cry. There were some hard goodbyes this year, a few very special sheep that will hold big places in our hearts but we always have next year to look forward to. 

Here are just a few pictures from the summer. I hope yours was as memory filled as ours was!

Sandy-Fair-2014 (9 of 24).jpg

14 Citrus Color Palettes

14 Citrus Color Palettes | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #angiesandy #colorpalette #citrus #color

I love color, it inspires so many things. I know many of you use these color palettes for design but I have been hearing from people who use them for cookie decorating, scrapbooking, paint selection, and even crocheting! It is just so neat to hear how they are being used.

I, myself, use them for design and this week I am dreaming about all things summer, while designing Christmas cards of course! Citrus colors have always been a magnet for me lately, believe it or not I used to hate pink. Now I find myself using it all of the time. At any rate here are 14 citrus color palettes for you to enjoy. The ASE palette is available here!

11 Free Hand Drawn Fonts

11 Free Hand Drawn Fonts | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design  #angiesandy  #typography #fonts

Sacramento | Give You Glory | Kristi | Vibur | Dawning of a New Day | Arsenal White
Masana Script Propia | Xiomara | Pea Roxy Girl | 5th Grade Cursive |  Jenna Sue

I will be the first to admit it, I have a font problem. Have you seen Sky Fonts? It is a cloud based font system that syncs any fonts you purchase at My Fonts (my favorite) and also syncs Google fonts! You don't have to install all of them on your computer anymore!! I have been using it since last fall and it works like a charm. Best part is I don't have 2500 fonts installed and slowing my system down, give it a shot you will be glade you did. You can find more of my font posts here.

14 Summer Color Palettes

14 Bright Summer Color Palettes | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #angiesandy  #colorpalette #colorcrush

Summer is right around the corner and I can think of nothing more inviting then an inspiring bright cold palette. These 14 color palettes are inspired by all the things summer brings; swimming, fruity cocktails and last summer nights. 

click here to download this color palette in ase format for all your designing needs.  need help using it? find my ase tutorial here  and our  paint tutorial here.

14 Navy Blue Color Palettes

14 Navy Blue Color Palettes | Angie Sandy Art Licensing & Design #angiesandy #colorpalettes #colorcrush #navy

Who doesn't love navy?! It is one of those staples you can incorporate almost daily. It works great for babies, high fashion and home decoration. Today I have paired up 14 different shades of navy blue with wonderful, fun color "friends". There is a great mix of palette styles here for just about any project!

Click here to download this color palette in ASE format for all your designing needs.  Need help using it? Find my ASE tutorial here  and our  paint tutorial here.